Alderman James Vos

Alderman James Vos

Alderman James Vos has an extensive knowledge and understanding of local government and has gained a lot of experience in how the City works while serving as Councillor for the period 2000 until 2014.

He has served as:

While serving in the aforementioned structures of Council, he was involved with the establishment of several improvement districts and economic nodes, as well as destination enhancement initiatives.

He has completed several courses related to the Municipal Structures Act and the Municipal Finance Management Act. 

Alderman Vos was elected to Parliament in May 2014 and served as Shadow Minister of Tourism.  His involvement with the tourism industry has resulted in some positive outcomes.  He was instrumental in the Visa regulations review to ensure improved facilitation of tourism to our country and the development of strategies for municipalities to improve their destination offerings for economic opportunities, as well as infrastructure projects to drive tourism demand.

He has also received several civic awards from various NGO’s and other institutions such as the International Merit Award from Lions International for community services recognition, and recently the Melvin Jones Fellowship.


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