David Prescott

David Prescott

 As Senior Vice President of Creative Production, David Prescott is responsible for managing everything from technology development to the creative collaboration between artists, producers and the animation studio.  Prescott has nearly 30 years of experience working in live-action visual effects, film, and feature animation, where he has been widely recognized for his artistic and technical excellence throughout the  visual effects and animation community.


Prescott joined Skydance from Technicolor where he worked as a creative director. Prior to working at Technicolor, Prescott worked at Base Media as the global chief creative officer and senior VFX Supervisor where he oversaw the creative and technical future of Base Media’s various companies across 3 countries and 5 cities including feature animation and live-action visual effects. Before starting at Base Media, Prescott worked as a visual effects supervisor at DreamWorks Animation where he worked on developing core technology and imagery for various projects in development as well as serving as visual effect supervisor on The Rise of the Guardians.


Prescott started his career in Los Angeles when he joined James Cameron’s visual effects facility, Digital Domain, where he worked on some of the company’s most iconic projects and collaborated with many directors on feature films including Transformers, Aeon Flux, The Day After Tomorrow The Time Machine, X-Men, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Supernova, The Fifth Element and Fight Club. For the film What Dreams May Come, Prescott created the first L-System tree ever to be used in visual effects. The work in the film went on to win the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.  David’s responsibilities for James Cameron’s Titanic included the design and set-up of procedural animations for smoke, floating debris and various other critical elements. The work in the film brought Digital Domain its first Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.


Prescott began his career in South Africa as a paint box operator and later visual effects artist working at one of the country’s founding companies Magic Touch and later working at M-net where he headed up design for the first Miss World broadcast from Sun City. He completed his time in South Africa with Digital Directions working on commercials for the country’s top agencies and directors winning international acclaim with the Toyota Power Steering and Dust campaigns. He holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from the Johannesburg Art Foundation. He and his wife take every opportunity to get back to his native home in Africa where he continues to develop his passion for art, photography and wildlife.



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