Judd Simantov

Judd Simantov

Judd will be presenting a masterclass for Autodesk. 

Pipeline, Workflow and Tools Development for Production (said in a really serious voice)

As productions scale and companies take on more work, the processes, workflows and tools that are required become more important. There is also the age-old problem of wanting to get the technical crap out of the way, so we can really focus on the art and creating. This is after all what the end product is. A story, an interactive experience or a piece of art. So, the stuff I’m talking about needs to help us best achieve that. Tech people do tend to lose track of this and so we’ll touch on that too. This talk will address the 3 buckets (pipeline, workflow & tools) separately and also talk to the need for all 3 to work together (just like government, the private sector and the average citizen). Political jokes really don’t belong here. As much as this appears to be some dry ass content, I’ll do my best to make it practical, interesting and fun. Well as fun as sitting in a room, nerding out over this stuff can be. So please don’t compromise my entire sense of self and have me talk to 3 people in a room… essentially what I’m saying is, come check it out!

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Writing a bio is one of the things I enjoy least in life. It sits somewhere between food poisoning and trying to find a voice in my art. I’m caught between just making jokes here ( that results in nobody showing up) and listing all my experience and in turn taking this way too seriously. So, I’m going to try and navigate that elusive place called the middle. I’ve worked on a bunch of cool games for a bunch of cool companies. I’ve also written a bunch of pipelines, put in place workflows and written some pretty handy tools. What I’m saying is, I’m damn qualified to give this talk! I’m sure there will be a few people who will be sitting in the audience and disagreeing with most of what I say, but the truth is they haven’t worked on…I’m just kidding. The truth is, they’re probably right… it’s just that my resume will have everyone else believe otherwise. So, I’m hanging onto that with everything I’ve got. Okay, that’s about enough crap to make this bio look “meaty” 🙂

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