Malcolm Wope

Malcolm Wope

My name is Malcolm Wope and I am a concept artist & art director based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I have worked mostly in the gaming and animation spaces for the last 10 years with my most notable project to date being my involvement in the Disney/ Triggerfish story lab initiative with the project Mama K’s super 4, which was a finalist and has been green lit for production since.

I like to think of my art as eclectic, borrowing and blending styles from both the east and the west with fresh and youthful twist. Some of my most prominent influences are that of Japanese anime as well as early disney style character work.

I hope to, through my work, inspire future generations of artists and animators, especially in the continent of Africa. I wish to build and conjure up many more new worlds and am excited at the prospect of seeing what the future holds for our up and coming creative force!

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