Tasania Parsadh

Tasania Parsadh

Tasania Parsadh was hired to manage the Nickelodeon brand when it was 4 months old. Since then I have grown the Nickelodeon brand, channels and revenue so much so, that the Nickelodeon channels contribute 40% of VIMNA’s overall ratings and 30% of VIMNA’s revenue. Originally hired as the Marketing Manager but progressed to Snr Channel Manager & Brand Head and is currently the Nickelodeon Africa Director. Parsadh responsibilities include managing the 3 Nickelodeon brands and channels across 47 countries in Africa: Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr and NickToons.

Parsadh is responsible for the P&L management for the 3 brands and the overall Nickelodeon Group P&L. The revenue streams that contribute to the P&L are: Adsales- on-air and digital, Sponsorship, Affiliate, Consumer Products, International Programme Sales and Theatricals/Events. Parsadh oversees all departments that feed into the Nickelodeon brands ie Programming, Research, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Pro-social Marketing, Public Relations etc. Parsadh ensures that audiences are highly engaged across multiple media platforms and I also ensure that brand initiatives resonate with the various audiences they broadcast to on the continent.


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