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Interview with Marc Moynihan

Marc Moynihan is the artist behind this year’s theme, we spent a morning having coffee and chatting about the inspiration behind the piece.

Di:  Tell our readers a bit more about yourself.

Marc:  I work as an illustrator and animator in Cape Town. I am passionate about 2D drawn animation and picture books. I studied Illustration and animation in UK, and worked there for a good few years. I love to hike, collect records and enjoy a good beer or whiskey too.

Di: The theme this year is wonderfully and specifically Capetonian.  Tell us more about why you were inspired to focus on this part of Cape Town life

Marc:   When I first moved back to Cape Town from the UK, I moved into the Noordehoek and the False Bay area and I spent a lot of time exploring beaches and  hiking around there. I was particularly drawn to beaches like SmitsWinkel bay and the beaches down by Crayfish Factory.

Di: Can you tell us a bit more around the characters?

Marc:   I once had a great experience handline fishing for snoek out at by Cape point with some Kalk Bay fisherman. The fisherman all smoked cigi’s, were weathered like the landscape and were so tough, much like the snoek that we were catching. It was such a cool experience with those dudes that I thought I wanted to somehow incorporate that experience into the piece and give a nod to the culture of these people and their sustainable way of fishing and how they have been doing this for generations.

Di: That explains the fishermen, what about the woman in the back?

Marc: I came across a Laurence Green book that had a story about an old lady which stuck with me. She was old hermit woman who lived in the early 1900’s around Cape Point.  She would collect kelp off the beaches and boil it up in a giant cauldron to make agar-agar which she would then sell on to local people for use as a gelatin substitute. I thought I would one day take that original story and apply a bit of magic to it.

When the opportunity to do the theme for CTIAF happened, I knew I wanted to tell some story that incorporated all these elements and really celebrate the natural environment with  the inhabitants of the Cape and their way of life.

Di: What can guests expect at the festival?

Marc: Well the opening video will be finished soon and I’ll be giving a talk on how we put it together.  We’re also planning on a frame by frame animation workshop – it’s something I’m really passionate about and I hope everyone will join us.


Marc Moynihan is an illustrator and animator based in Cape Town. He is passionate about drawn animation and picture books. A while back, he went overseas to get his education from Cambridge School of Art in the UK.

After graduating, Marc moved to London where he worked for some high profile animation studios. Working in the UK, he developed his skills as a cell animator, storyboard artist and visual development artist and was involved in award winning short films and animated television commercials.

He hopes to continue supporting the development of the growing South African 2D industry and make some picture books as well.  


Follow him on his website,  Instagram and Vimeo



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